BOB Security Features

What type of Internet security do you provide your customers?

Using the current security technologies and processes, BDO assures its clients of the confidentiality and privacy of their online banking sessions. BDO Business Online Banking security uses:

  • Authentication - Authentication ensures that only authorized users can access the BDO Online Banking system by verifying the identity of the user. This is enforced through the use of : Corporate ID, User Name and Password.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – This is a security mechanism that requires the user to provide two or more credentials in order to authenticate their identity. Aside from the user name and password, authorized users are sent a One Time Password which they need to encode in a given time frame in order to be able to complete their login.

  • Network Security - BDO uses a firewall to protect its Business Online Banking servers from unauthorized Internet access. A firewall is a combination of systems that enforces a boundary between the Internet and the bank's network, while blocking out all unwanted access.

  • Encryption - Encryption converts data on the system to a format that is unreadable by anyone who does not have the proper authorization. Currently, BDO Business Online Banking uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to secure all banking transactions. 128-bit encryption means that there are 2128 - or 3.4 with 38 zeros after it - possible combinations that could access your account information but only one that works for each online banking session.

  • Automatic Log-out - BDO Online Banking automatically logs you out of the system if it detects no user activity for a fixed number of minutes. This protects your accounts from being accessed by the next PC user, especially when using a public or shared computer.

  • Password strength - an on-screen meter that indicates the strength of your nominated password.