BOB Privacy Policy Statement

Privacy Policy

In relation to BDO's commitment to protect your bank information and your banking transactions, BDO employs the following security measures every time you access your BDO Business Online Banking account and perform your banking transactions.


BDO employs an industry-standard firewall system to ensure that the BDO Business Online Banking infrastructure is protected from untrusted network access.


BDO Business Online Banking is Verisign Certified. Our official website is Do not access your BDO Electronic Banking account from other links to protect against phishing.


Authentication ensures that only authorized users can access the BDO Electronic Banking services by verifying the identity of the user.


This is the process of scrambling private information to prevent unauthorized access. Our system makes use of SSL (Secured Socket Layer) to ensure that all your Online Banking transactions are encrypted. SSL is a cryptographic protocol that provides security and data integrity for communications over networks such as the internet.



User has to fill out the enrollment form and activate BDO Business Online Banking account following the guidelines set by BDO from time to time on account activation.


Access to BDO Business Online Banking is allowed only after the user has entered the correct login information. The Online Banking system automatically logs off the user after the prescribed time of inactivity. As an added security, BDO Business Online Banking does not allow simultaneous login sessions.


a. Login Information

BDO Electronic Banking requires the following login information: (1) Corporate ID, (2) User ID, (3) Password and (4) Secondary Password. User ID, Password and Secondary Password are all assigned by the user. User may opt to avail of a Second Factor Authentication Device, which will generate One-Time Password in lieu of using a Secondary Password.

b. Password Handling

i. The system requires several layers of security checks to validate the user identity when requesting for password change.

ii. If the user has forgotten his/her password, he/she may change his password only upon provision of the correct answers to the set of challenge questions.

The user must not disclose his/her password or any account information to anyone. The user must create a password that is unique to himself/herself and cannot be easily guessed by others. Avoid using names, birth dates, etc. as passwords.


The user voluntarily submits personal information to BDO for use in his Electronic Banking transactions and in conformity with the provisions of, but not limited to, the Bank Secrecy Law, the General Banking Act and the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA).

The user undertakes to submit any change or update in his personal information.

The user undertakes that he/she will employ reasonable means to ensure the security of his/her electronic banking transactions.

By enrolling and/or using the BDO Business Online Banking service, the user agrees to be governed by this Privacy Policy. BDO may amend, modify and/or supplement the Privacy Policy from time to time. The user undertakes to check his/her e-mail and the BDO website for any changes in the Privacy Policy. The continued use by the user of the BDO Business Online Banking service will constitute acceptance of the revised and/or modified Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy should be read and/or taken in conjunction with the BDO Business Online Banking Terms and Conditions.